SleeveArt® Prosthetic Covers on Sale

SALE - $25.00, all sizes

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Styles shown on this page are available in limited quantities only and may be discontinued soon.

Blue Peacock Feather Design Fur Look
Style: Peacock Style: Fur
Rust Colored Knots Chicken and Waffles
Style: Knotty Style: Chicken and Waffles
Coins Chili Peppers
Style: Coins Style: Peppers

$25 Style: Size:

When ordering short or long SleeveArt®, please allow time for fabrication.

These styles are being discontinued and will not be available for long. Pricing for SleeveArt® specials is $20.00. Sizing is as follows:

  • Child = same as XS but shorter, 11"-12" length, for ages 4 - 9 approx.
  • XS = for very slender adults and children (approx 70- 100 lb), also fits adult arms
  • S/M = for most adult women and some men (approx 100 - 150 lb)
  • M/L = for most adult men and some women (approx 150 - 225 lb)
  • XL = for larger adults (approx 225 lb - up)
  • Sorry, no XXL or full leg in these styles

SleeveArt® is machine washable, add it to your laundry. It may be automatically dryed, but will last longer if you simply lay it somewhere to dry. SleeveArt® is GUARANTEED! Any new, unused product may be returned for a full refund, just ask.

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