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$35.00 each regular size
or Short $32.50, Long BK $38.00 or AK Full Leg $40.00

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Child Styles: $25 Child Sizes:
SleeveArt Regular 17" long, Styles: $35 Regular 17" Length Sizes:
SHORT, 12 inch Styles: $32.50 SHORT Sizes:
LONG, 20" Styles: $38 LONG Sizes:
AK Full Leg, 26" Styles: $40.00 Full Leg Sizes:
Colorful Hearts on Black Colored Crystal Looking
Style: Hearts Style: Colored Crystals
Wavy Bright U S Flags Old Glory
Style: U S Flags Style: Old Glory
Deep Colored Blooms Blue Denim Camouflage
Style: Deep Blooms Style: Denim Camo
Eye Popping Bright Colors Shiny Colored Dots on Black
Style: Eye Popper Style: Confetti (shiny)
Neon Vapors Gold and Grey Design
Style: Vapor Style: Sketchy
Pink Ribbons on Black Wood Parquet Design
Style: Pink Ribbons Style: Wood Parquet
Colorful and Wispy Deep Colors on Gel Look
Style: Swish Style: Deep Gel
Pink Threads on Black Blue Threads on Black
Style: Pink Thread Style: Blue Thread
Coral Reef Blue Water Mosaic Look
Style: Coral Reef Style: Water Mosaic
Polished Stones Patriotic Stars on Black
Style: Spa Stones Style: Stars on Black
Neon Lightning Caution Explosive
Style: It's Electric Style: Danger
Colorful Jellybeans Black on White Pop Art
Style: Jellybeans Style: Pop Art
Pink Timber True Timber
Style: Pink Timber Style: Timber
Superman Denim
Style: Superman Style: Denim
Grey Camouflage Drippy Brown Camo
Style: Glacier Camo Style: Mudslide Camo
Beautiful Glass Art Grey Fiber Braid
Style: Glass Art Style: Fiber Braid
Marble Looking Camouflage Bright Paint splatter
Style: Marble Camo Style: Splatter
Purple Animal Print Neon Smoke on Black
Style: Purple Beast Style: Neon Smoke
Black Paw Prints on White White Paw Prints on Black
Style: Paw Prints Style: Paw Prints on Black
Decorated Skulls Grey Diamond Plate
Style: Party Skulls Style: Diamond Plate
Bright Smiley Faces on Black Palm Trees on Black
Style: Smiley Style: Tropic Nights
Flourescent Roses Intricate, Colorful Jellyfish
Style: Roses Style: Jellyfish
Shock Wave Animal Print on Aqua
Style: Shock Wave Style: Aqua Beast
Neon Paint on Black Galaxy
Style: Paint Style: Galaxy
Colorful Peace Signs on Black Bright Colors
Style: Neon Peace Style: Spin Art
Brown and Tan Camouflage Grey Digital Camouflage
Style: Digital Desert Camo Style: Digital Urban Camo
Digital Camouflage Digital Mossy Camouflage
Style: Digital Camouflage Style: Digital Mossy Camo
Camouflage Mossy Camouflage
Style: Camouflage Style: Mossy Camo

Pink Camouflage Blue Camouflage
Style: Pink Camo Style: Blue Camo

Star Spangled Wavy Stars
Style: Star Spangled Style: Wavy Stars
Bright Tye Dye Light Wood
Style: Tye Dye Style: Light Wood
Berry Swirl Creamy Swirl
Style: Berry Swirl Style: Creamy Swirl
Brown Snakeskin Red, White and Blue Swirl
Style: Snake Style: Freedom Swirl
Wavy US Flags Red and Blue Stars on White
Style: New Wavy Flags Style: Stars

CNotes, 100 dollar bills Cash
Style: C-Notes Style: Cash

Orange and Yellow Blaze on Black Blue and White Blaze on Black
Style: Blaze Style: Blue Blaze

Playful Horses on a Green Field Yellow Minions
Style: Horses Style: Minions

Skulls on Red Skulls on Grey
Style: Skulls on Red Style: Skulls on Grey

Blue Static Red Static
Style: Blue Static Style: Red Static

Yellow Static Pink Static
Style: Yellow Static Style: Pink Static

Green Static White Lightning Bolts on Black
Style: Green Static Style: White Lightning


When ordering short or long SleeveArt®, please allow time for fabrication.

Pricing for SleeveArt® is $35.00. Regular length sleeve covers are stocked. New short (12 inch) and long (20 inch) and longer (25 inch) styles available for $32.50, $38.00 and $40.00. Please allow extra time for fabrication of the short or long sleeves. Child size is $25.00. Sizing is as follows:

***Prosthetists - Above fabrics are available for your laminating needs, please visit our laminating section.***

SleeveArt® is machine washable, add it to your laundry. It may be automatically dryed, but will last longer if you simply lay it somewhere to dry. SleeveArt® is GUARANTEED! Any new, unused product may be returned for a full refund, just ask.

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