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Answers to questions asked by most people

How do I know what size to order?
The sizing chart was developed for a BK amputee of average height with an uncovered leg and a suspension sleeve. Everybody's situation is different, but the size M/L fits most people. The regular, 17" length is perfect for covering any brand of suspension sleeve.

What's the best way to don your SleeveArt?
Remove the shoe from your prosthetic foot, then the SleeveArt should slip right on. Pull it up to where the elastic is comfortable, usually mid-thigh for a BK.

I'm an arm amputee. Can I use SleeveArt?
Most arm amputees fit either a child size for BE or XS for AE.

Who should wear the short sizes?
The short covers were developed for the BK amputee who has a pin locking system and does not wear a suspension sleeve. The short, 12" long sleeve covers the top part of the socket, then smooths out those socks that stick out the top. It has elastic stitched into the top so it won't slip down and adds a smooth, slippery feel to the prosthetic. The sizes S/M, M/L and XL refer to the width of the sleeve. If your socket edge is especially rough, you might consider a sleeve saver underneath.

Who are the long covers for?
Some people need a longer cover, either because of the shape of their socket or they have a cosmetically finished leg with the foam cover and they want to cover it down to the ankle. We offer a 20" long BK cover ($38) and a 26" long AK full leg cover is now available ($40.00).

What is the difference between a prosthetic cover and a laminating sleeve?
They are made from the same fabrics and both are cone shaped, but the prosthetic covers have elastic stitched into the top and a nicely finished bottom. They are machine washable. The laminating sleeves are unfinished at the top and bottom. They are used in a prosthetic shop to add an artistic, permanent design to your new socket.

What's a sleeve saver?
The sleeve saver is only used by BK amputees who wear a gel lined suspension sleeve. If the top edge of the socket is abrasive to the gel lining, the sleeve saver will solve that problem.

My SleeveArt cover slips down on my leg and I need to keep pulling it up.
You might need a smaller size or a longer size.

What is your return policy?
For the prosthetic covers, please return any unwanted SleeveArt within 30 days of purchase for a full refund or size exchange. There are no hidden fees, the price you paid is the price that will be refunded to you, less the shipping. Our return policy for laminating sleeves is different. Prosthetic clinics click here Returning Laminating Sleeves

What about laundry?
You can wash your SleeveArt prosthetic covers with the family laundry. As with a bathing suit, your SleeveArt will last longer if you lay it flat to dry, rather than putting it through the dryer. The dryer does a good job, but eventually will dry out the elastic fibers in the spandex.

I'm an AK. Can I use a SleeveArt cover?
Sure. You can temporarily add a design to your AK socket with a removable SleeveArt prosthetic cover. For use as a socket cover, some AK's do well with the regular, 17" length but one size larger than what is shown on the BK sizing chart. If your socket is short, try the SleeveArt short style, again, one size larger than what you would fit on the BK sizing chart. Some AK amputees want to cover the whole leg, ankle to groin. Our new 27" long covers ($40) should satisfy that need. Remember, all sleeves are returnable for a full refund within 30 days. We also do custom sizing for those who need it.