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Our new custom printed designs are available either as a prosthetic cover or as a laminating sleeve. Send your photo or artwork to Our special printing process leaves no bumpy feel or residue. The ink is permanently embedded into the fabric and will not run in the lamination process. We can print any background for a wrap-around design. Click here for images of custom printed laminations Custom Printed Sockets

Now you can have your favorite image on your leg!

Here is how to easily find your own custom image:

Your Style

We accept AMEX, MC and VISA by phone.

Prosthetic Covers, $55, regular length Custom Artwork add $25 to any product Laminating Sleeves, $50

Put your best foot forward with custom printed SleeveArt®, your design or ours.
Select your background:

Gold, Grey, White, Blue, Turquoise

Then - E-mail your image to
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Miscellaneous Designs Background Designs

Don't see what you want? E-mail
Custom printing, your image or ours is $25. For custom design work with more than 5 images add $50.

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