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Frederick Kurt Pauloz is both an amputee (RBK/35 years) and a Certified and Licensed Prosthetist, now retired. He and his wife Joanne have been living in Florida for 22 years now. Around the turn of the century, after living in a beach community, and thanks to a bit of divine inspiration, they recognized the need to create a brilliant and attractive look for Kurt's prosthesis. Joanne was able to sew him a comfortable and interesting cover for his prosthetic sleeve. As she continued to sew him sleeve covers in different designs, total strangers began to stop Kurt to tell him that his leg looks cool. It was then that they decided to share the idea of SleeveArt with amputees all across the world. They are happy to help all amputees to look better and feel better. Each sleeve cover is hand sewn with love for the amputee who will wear it. May God bless you all!

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SleeveArt® by Fred's Legs, Inc.
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